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Brick Industry Association Awards 3 Pine Hall Brick projects

July 14, 2009

Variety is key. Pine Hall Brick’s pavers were chosen by the designers of  three very different winners in the annual Brick In Architecture design award competition, which is sponsored by the Brick Industry Association.

The three projects are the Pearl Brewery renovation in San Antonio, Texas, which won a Best In Class; the Cliffs Cottage green home project at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, which won a Silver award; and Kings Court, a downtown Colonial-era streetscape in Haddonfield, New Jersey, which won a Bronze.

Kings Court

Kings Court is an 11,000 square-foot plaza that anchors one end of the pedestrian-friendly main street of Haddonfield, New Jersey, which attracts visitors from throughout the region to its Colonial-era buildings. Today, residents and visitors to Kings Court are enjoying a number of recent upgrades and repairs, thanks to a public/private cooperative renovation of the plaza.

Designers of Kings Court chose clay brick pavers (traditional and permeable) for both aesthetic and functional reasons. The natural appearance of Rumbled® clay brick pavers are in keeping with the Colonial-era surroundings, while the Rumbled® permeable pavers help reduce stormwater run-off. The design itself even adds to the visitors’ experience, with directional herringbone patterns that encourage movement toward the plaza, while paver and stone patterns and borders define areas of rest and activity.

King's Court

The Cliffs Cottage

Cliffs Cottage is a 3,400-square-foot single family residence that was built as an idea house on the campus of Furman University by Southern Living magazine, with the intent that it be green in all respects, by using green technology in all of its mechanical systems and building materials.

That commitment to environmentally sound design included a permeable clay brick paver paving system in pedestrian walks and terraces close to the house.

The permeable pavers, a recent addition to Pine Hall Brick’s product line, provides architects with a way to reduce ‘first flush’ pollutants, such as fertilizers, motor oil and antifreeze, from being washed across a paved surface and ultimately ending up in storm drains, rivers and lakes. Instead, rainwater soaks into the groundwater, where it is naturally filtered.

Cliffs Cottage

Pearl Brewery

A custom blend of brick pavers was developed to harmonize with the colors of the existing buildings and to recall pavers that graced the streets of San Antonio during the early years of the brewery’s establishment – and to add visual unity throughout the site. Extensive use of clay brick pavers with rich rustic texturing complements the original brick building facades.

Pearl Brewery

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