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Clay pavers continue to make the American Tobacco campus a hit

April 28, 2010

Durham, North Carolina has transitioned from a tobacco town to a newer service-oriented economy. In this wake of evolution, the city has demonstrated a commitment to historic preservation and adaptive reuse.

The former American Tobacco campus still hoists a Lucky Strike logo to the sky on the plant’s original water tower, but today, the tank presides over outdoor concerts that take place on the clay paver hardscape underneath it, as well as lunching executives from the offices and residents coming home to condos in the former factory.

Landscape Online recently featured the project.

The former home of American Tobacco takes up about two city blocks. On the two street-facing sides it’s a monolithic edifice of brick and glass. Inside, landscape architect Jean Aldy and her design team have created an expansive and serene courtyard with two key features: an amazing waterscape named ”Bull River” and an inviting hardscape that ties together decades of industrial construction history with distressed brick and concrete.

Pine Hall Brick Rumbled® pavers made it possible for architect Jean Aldy and Fred Adams Paving to revitalize an amazing courtyard with brick that looks like it could have reclaimed from the 19th Century.

This time of year, Durhamites revel in their historic district that includes the retro designed Durham Bulls baseball stadium across from the American Tobacco campus.

The American Tobacco campus and a major clay paver streetscape project a few years ago have played a significant role in reviving Durham as an urban center for work, recreation and living.

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