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Our hometown, like brick, stands the test of time

December 18, 2015

PHB - House with Red Mortar
Since 1922, Pine Hall Brick Company has made the products that have made possible the homes, workplaces, universities, hospitals—and plazas, patios and walkways —where generations have lived, worked and played.

PHB - StormPave Closeup BandStormPave® water permeable clay pavers.

We started out in Pine Hall, NC (thus the name) and moved operations to nearby Madison, NC. In recent years, we’ve expanded to Fairmount, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. But when our friends ask us: “Where are you from?” we don’t tell them Pine Hall, or Madison or Fairmount. We tell them that we’re from Winston-Salem, NC, which is where we have been headquartered all this time.

PHB - StormPave HouseDriveway

PHB-Durham 1Streetscape in Durham, NC.

Like our company and our products, our hometown has stood the test of time, from its founding as a Moravian settlement, through tobacco and textile manufacturing and to its present day focus on medical research, academics  and the arts. We’ve been proud to have been a part of the growth in Winston-Salem and beyond.
And we were happier, still, for our product to be the subject of a feature in our hometown newspaper, the Winston-Salem Journal.

PHB-Pearl 1

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