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Clay Pavers

With recent concerns about the environment, there is a lot of talk about stormwater management and the potential effect from impervious surfaces like paved streets, driveways, homes, buildings and commercial parking lots. Our new Permeable Clay Pavers allow rainwater to filter down through a specially constructed paving system and dissipate into the soil, rather than carry excess pollutants into storm drains.

Most projects will require the expertese of a qualified engineer to determine the suitability of the area for a permeable system as well as requirements for the system itself.

stormpavecloseupEnglish Edge® style permeable clay paver is designed for institutional and commercial projects where impervious surface restrictions apply and joint openings need to meet ADA restrictions (less than 1/2″) when onsite retention/infiltration is mandated.

rainpavecloseupA permeable Rumbled® clay paver is designed for residential driveways and can reduce your property’s impervious surface footprint to meet local stormwater requirements and open the way for a larger house footprint.

How it works
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